Food Packaging Suppliers In Cape Town You Can Rely On

Oil and More, Food Packaging Suppliers in Cape Town, offers food items, frozen foods, perishables, packaging and hygiene products and more to the hospitality industry, government and private companies. We provide to clubs and hotels, pizza and kebab outlets, cafes and dining establishments, schools, supermarkets and catering companies.

We have an extensive selection of excellent food and food-related products that are available to order today! We have a vast assortment of stock, and you can feel comfortable knowing that our pricing is the most affordable in town. Visit site here.

Since April 2017 we are also accredited to sell alcohol and alcohol related beverages to off-consumption consumers.

We take great pride in only offering the best quality food and beverage products. As a hospitality supplier, we pride ourselves on superior quality. Because we focus on Food Service Distribution to the hospitality industry, our staff delivers quality and dependable service you can count on. For the very best food service in the Western Cape speak to us at Oil And More.

Our helpful and experienced team are here to resolve any questions you may have about our business or our services. Whether you need eggs, oil, packaging products, dairy, flour, dry goods, spices, or produce with our sister company, Veg and More, we have exactly what you need.

At Oil and More, our objective is to provide you with respectful, convenient, and professional service of the finest standard and most of all value for your money.

We offer a free delivery service throughout Cape Town which includes Paarl and Stellenbosch, six days a week.

We are the only Food Packaging Suppliers in Cape Town and Food Distribution Specialists you’ll ever need. Contact and Visit site here Oil & More today!



Skip Bins For Hire: The Only Solution You’ll Need For Your Waste Management Needs

Skip Hire Group provides skip bins for hire for public and industrial needs. A skip bin is the best option when you require rubble removal from your construction site. You fill the skip bins, and we take it away after filled and dispose of your rubble.

At Skip Hire Group our aim is always to provide you with an uncomplicated, price efficient answer with regards to the removal of undesirable debris, whether you or your organisation are in the process of doing a renovation, taking on a building project, or merely doing a spring clean. There are many advantages to making use of skip bin hire for your rubble removal needs like saving you time, money and hassle.

Skip Hire Group will make sure that your waste or unwanted goods will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way as we want to protect the environment as much as you do!

Because we use a standard rate when you hire skip bins, we will save you costs on traveling to disposal sites. Because we are a larger waste disposal enterprise, we get a better rate at disposal sites than an individual would.

If you use a skip bin hire company like Skip Hire Group, you will create a safer environment for your staff or loved ones by ensuring that no heaps of building rubble or waste pile up at your premises. One of the main benefits of making use of skip bins is that Skip Hire Group can deliver the skip bin at your door anytime you need it after which it will be scheduled for pick up according to your budget.

Finally, regarding cost effectiveness, you will never be surprised by hidden expenses when hiring skip bins. You will be able to set an exact budget as you will know upfront what the total cost will be for your waste management solution.

Get in touch with us Website here to hire skip bins for your next project.



Fitness Tips


We all know that we are supposed to exercise more and eat less to shed the extra body fat. But the problem is, what exercises to do and how to do? What foods to eat and how to eat to lose fat faster? If you are interested in learning some easy fat burning tips and keep fit, read on, below are some tips on fat shedding workouts and diet to help you lose fat naturally as well as get a fit body:

Fat Loss Workout Tips

  • Do full body cardio exercises as well as local exercises. When you are trying to get rid of body fat, doing whole body workouts, such as running, is more effective than doing only local exercises, such as crunches and sit-ups.
  • Do weight training as well as cardio workouts. Weight training can help you build muscle, to maintain the muscle, your body need to burn more calories.
  • Include different types of exercises with different intensity in your workout routine. Usually, doing the same exercise for a long time can easily hit weight loss plateau.

Fat Loss Diet Tips:

  • Do Not Overeat. Overeating is one of main causes of weight gain, if you can stop eating so much, it is easier to lose weight.
  • Eat slowly. This will stop you from eating too much.
  • Foods to Eat to Help Lose Fat. You need a balanced diet that contains high fiber foods, unsaturated fat, complex carbohydrates, foods that contain protein. Here is some foods to eat for breakfast, lunch foods, dinner foods to help lose weight.
  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. This can make you have a higher metabolic rate than eating 3 big meals per day.
  • Eat breakfast everyday, don’t skip it. Eating breakfast help you jump-start your metabolism. Higher metabolism means faster calorie burning.
  • Never starve to lose weight if you don’t know what you are doing. Starvation slows down your metabolism, many people will end up gaining more fat though you may see fat loss in the beginning.

If you want to lose body fat faster, it is highly recommended to do workouts and eat a healthy diet together.

Besides the two ways we mentioned above, you also have other options such as undergoing a fat loss surgery, taking weight loss diet pills, supplements and using other weight loss products. But there are some complications, side effects and other safety problems by using these methods to lose weight.
As a matter of fact, at this moment, a balanced diet and a weight loss exercise plan are your best bet, it is the natural and safest way to help you get rid of unwanted body fat.

But if you are severely obese (usually have a BMI that is over 40), or suffer from heart disease, sleep apnea, diabetes, then you should consider a weight loss surgery. Click the link to get more weight loss surgery info.

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